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SwiftUI programming

SwiftUI certainly marks the beginning of a new era in Apple’s programming history. In the last years we have witnessed...

WWDC18: ARKit2 a 2D tracking performances comparison

One of the most interesting tech trend of the last year was for sure Augmented Reality. All the big have...

Custom CloudKit sharing workflow

CloudKit has a strong emphasis on users privacy and security. Since one of the main concern for my last work...

Stored properties and extensions: a pure Swift approach

One of the most common question regarding swift extensions is about stored properties. How many times have you wished a...

Creiamo un accessorio per HomeKit

Quest’articolo vuole essere una breve guida introduttiva su come creare un accessorio compatibile con HomeKit sfruttando componentistica di riuso ed...

Face ID is a huge step forward.

Straightforwardly, the game is all played on the A11 Bionic chip. The screen is a gorgeous never seen OLED display...